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The Thomas family makes wonderful yogurt from their cows' milk, and they add our blueberries, so please look for their dairy products in your local stores.

We have known the team at Natures Market since the late 1970's and they have created a fantastic store and deli where you can buy our berries in smaller bags.

Harvest Health Natural Foods is one of the oldest natural food stores in Michigan and they also sell our berries in both five pound boxes and smaller bags.

If you live in the Kalamazoo area, please stop by the People's Food Coop where you will find our berries. And say hi to Rosie while you are there!

This past summer, Sue Chef taped a television feature about our farm and berries, so keep an eye on her site for when that show will air. I will also post a link for it on Facebook.

Another place to read about our farm will be in the forth-coming book with the working title, Local and Fresh in Michigan written by a former Grand Rapids Press Food Editor. Again, I will announce its publication on Facebook.

If you are coming to Fennville, consider a side trip to Cathy and Tom Halinsky's farm where you can buy wonderful homemade cheese.

Parting thoughts:

One of our farm mottos is, "blessed to be a blessing". Because we adopted our sons from Colombia, SA we witnessed the poverty in the developing world and believe in sponsoring children with the hope doing so will help them have a better life. We enjoy our relationships with Saira in El Salvador, Dubian in Colombia, Angelica in the Dominican Republic, plus we contribute to a program that pays for Haitian children to go to school. No matter what your income, please consider participating in some form of child sponsorship; even a little as $5-$10 a month will insure that a child will receive an education and one meal a day. Below are some suggested organizations where you can sponsor children and if you know of other similar organizations, please write us! And may God bless the work of your hands.

Compassion partners with local churches and sets up children development centers that work with the families and children

Open Arms builds orphanages, schools, and assists villages with their mobile medical unit, giving blankets to street people, educating widows and digging wells for villages.

Save the Children not only offers child sponsorships, but during the holiday season, people can donate towards specific goals, such as stocking the shelves of libraries.